Experience more than 500 years of distilling

How Korn is made

Did you know that you need about 25,000 grains of rye to make one single bottle of Echter Nordhäuser Korn? And they all come from Goldene Aue, the grain-growing area near Nordhausen. You can see what must happen in order to make Korn from these grains at Echter Nordhäuser Traditionsbrennerei.

The art nouveau distillery in Nordhausen/Süd-Harz was built more than 100 years ago to serve as a small distillery to produce high-quality spirits. It is still the heart of and home to Echter Nordhäuser. Today, you can enjoy an exciting trip through the 500-year history of the distilling tradition in Nordhausen in these listed buildings.

In these historic and restored rooms, you will see how at the beginning of the last century artisan Korn was made: In the milling room, you will feel the rye in your hands; in the mash cellar, you will see the “molecule kit” to track the fermentation process; and in the distillery as such, you can see the plants and equipment, all true to the original and very impressive.

Needless to say that a tasting is what will conclude this tour, and in our shop you can get all Echter Nordhäuser products and souvenirs and specialities made in the Echter Nordhäuser Traditionsbrennerei. 

Opening hours (distillery and shop):

Mon – Sat: 10am – 4pm
Tours: Mon – Sat: 2pm – no appointment required
Group tours by appointment only

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